Vol 110, No 2 (2020)

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From the Editor

‘Paying more for less’ PDF
B Farham 79


Ending HIV/AIDS: Not as close as many would have us believe PDF
M J Rotheram-Borus, S Gordon, J Christodoulou, M Tomlinson 80
Renal denervation in South Africa PDF
M J Heradien, P van der Bijl, P A Brink 81

Continuing Medical Education

Thrombotic disorders (part 1) PDF
N A Alli 82
Thrombotic disorders (part 1) PDF
N A Alli, J Vaughan, S Louw, E Schapkaitz, B Jacobson 83-87

In Practice

The Competition Commission Health Market Inquiry Report: An overview and key imperatives PDF
G C Solanki, J E Cornell, D Besada, R L Morar, T Wilkinson 88-91
An analysis of recent stroke cases in South Africa: Trend, seasonality and predictors PDF
E Ranganai, L Matizirofa 92-99
Parents refusing blood transfusions for their children solely on religious grounds: Who must apply for the court order? PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason 100-101


Understanding the basics of cannabidiol from cannabis to apply to therapeutics in epilepsy PDF
L Hay 102-105


A decade of hepatitis C at the University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital Liver Clinic, South Africa, in the pre-direct-acting antivirals era PDF
R Nordien, M W Sonderup, C W Spearman 106-111
Direct-acting antiviral therapy for hepatitis C: The initial experience of the University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital Liver Clinic, South Africa PDF
M W Sonderup, N Gogela, R Nordien, H Smuts, S Korsman, D Hardie, C W Spearman 112-117
HIV and breast cancer – a mammographic analysis: An observational study to identify the mammographic pattern of breast cancer in HIV-positive patients PDF
A Vanmali, I Buccimazza 118-122
Nosocomial infections: A further assault on patients in a high-volume urban trauma centre in South Africa PDF
A J Dell, P H Navsaria, S Gray, J C Kloppers 123-125
Point-of-care CD4+ technology implementation in Free State, South Africa, was associated with improved patient health outcomes PDF
L van Turha, K Maharaj, A Rose, C Boeke, T F Peter, L Vojnov, J Quevedo, Y Tsibolane 126-131
A 10-year analysis of organ donor referrals to a South African tertiary public sector hospital PDF
T du Toit, K Manning, D Thomson, F McCurdie, E Muller 132-134
The impact of diagnostic methods on the diagnosis of Clostridiodes difficile infection PDF
E Nomlomo, T Nana 135-139
Development and validation of an instrument for procedure-related death notification PDF
F K Orr, C Keyes, A Alli 140-144
Pathways from witnessing community violence to mental health problems among South African adolescents PDF
G Donenberg, P Naidoo, A Kendall, E Emerson, C L Ward, A Kagee, L Simbayi, R Vermaak, A North, J Mthembu, M E Mackesy-Amiti 145-153
Maternal and neonatal outcomes following the introduction of oral hypoglycaemic agents for gestational diabetes mellitus were comparable to insulin monotherapy in two historical cohorts PDF
V Nicolaou, L Soepnel, K R Huddle, N Levitt, K Klipstein-Grobusch, S A Norris 154-158
CYP3A5 polymorphisms and their effects on tacrolimus exposure in an ethnically diverse South African renal transplant population PDF
W K Muller, C Dandara, K Manning, D Mhandire, J Ensor, Z Barday, R Freercks 159-166


CPD Questions PDF