Vol 108, No 3 (2018)

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Guest Editorial

Intellectual disability in South Africa: Addressing a crisis in mental health services PDF
D J Stein, K Sorsdahl, C Lund 147-148
Medicolegal storm threatening maternal and child healthcare services PDF
B Taylor, J van Waart, S Ranchod, A Taylor 149-150


Celebrating 50 years of heart transplant surgery: A missed opportunity to honour Hamilton Naki PDF
N Mankahla, S Dlamini, I C Taunyane, S Maqungo, L Cairncross, B Chiliza 151


30 days in medicine PDF


Intellectual disability in the Esidimeni tragedy: Silent deaths PDF
C Capri, B Watermeyer, J Mckenzie, O Coetzee 153-154
The Life Esidimeni tragedy: The courts are also to blame PDF
B A Ferlito, A Dhai 155-156
The Life Esidimeni tragedy: Some ethical transgressions PDF
B A Ferlito, A Dhai 157

Continuing Medical Education

Bleeding disorders (part 2) PDF
N Alli 158
Acquired bleeding disorders PDF
N Alli, J Vaughan, S Louw, S Moodly, M Patel 159-165

In Practice

Regulating the South African sport supplement industry: ‘Whey’ overdue PDF
K Naidoo, R Naidoo, V Bangalee 166-167
Medical device regulation in South Africa: The Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act 14 of 2015 PDF
T Saidi, T S Douglas 168-170
Maternal near-miss audit in the Metro West maternity service, Cape Town, South Africa: A retrospective observational study PDF
I A Iwuh, S Fawcus, L Schoeman 171-175


Mental illness in the Western Cape Province, South Africa: A review of the burden of disease and healthcare interventions PDF
N Jacob, D Coetzee 176-180


A longitudinal perspective on violence in the lives of South African children from the Birth to Twenty Plus cohort study in Johannesburg-Soweto PDF
L M Richter, S Mathews, J Kagura, E Nonterah 181-186
Ethnopharmacological use of potassium permanganate in South African traditional medicine PDF
R A Street, G M Kabera, C Connolly 187-189
A needs-based approach to equitable allocation of district primary healthcare expenditure in North West Province, South Africa PDF
Y Maharaj, A Robinson, D McIntyre 190-196
A retrospective time trend study of firearm and non-firearm homicide in Cape Town from 1994 to 2013 PDF
R Matzopoulos, J Simonetti, M Prinsloo, I Neethling, P Groenewald, J Dempers, L J Martin, A Rowhani-Rahbar, J E Myers, M L Thompson 197-204
An audit of ingested and aspirated foreign bodies in children at a university hospital in South Africa: The Pietermaritzburg experience PDF
N F Majola, V Y Kong, H Mangray, V Govindasamy, G L Laing, D L Clarke 205-209
Surgical skills deficiencies and needs of rural general practitioners in South Africa PDF
D C Porter, J Bezuidenhout, R S du Toit, A O Adefuye 210-216
An assessment of the isoniazid preventive therapy programme for children in a busy primary healthcare clinic in Nelson Mandela Bay Health District, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa PDF
F Black, F Amien, J Shea 217-223
The effect of different forms of heparin on point-of-care blood gas analysis PDF
P Sandler, L N Goldstein 224-229
High positive computed tomography yields in the emergency department might not be a positive finding PDF
K Swartzberg, L N Goldstein 230-234
Estimating the burden of cervical disease among HIV-infected women accessing screening services in South Africa: A model-based analysis PDF
C J Chibwesha, B Goeieman, S Levin, M Mulongo, M Faesen, A Swarts, S Ramotshela, S Williams, N Rakhombe, S Bruce, P Michelow, C Firnhaber 235-239
Restaurant smoking sections in South Africa and the perceived impact of the proposed smoke-free laws: Evidence from a nationally representative survey PDF
M Little, C van Walbeek 240-244


CPD questionnaire PDF