Vol 102, No 5 (2012)

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From the Editor

Less food for thought PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 267

Editor's choice

SAMJ mini May 2012 PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 268


Neutron radiotherapy in South Africa: Neutron radiotherapy: a different perspective PDF HTML
George E Laramore 269
Neutron radiotherapy in South Africa: Neutron radiotherapy should continue PDF HTML
Wolfgang Sauerwein, Rita Engenhart-Cabillic, Jeffrey D Forman, John Guelette, Sabet Hachem, Dan Jones, Andreas Krüll, Peter Lukas, Pierre Mandrillon, Winfried Petry, Ivan Rosenberg, Frederik Venimmen, James S Welsh 269-270
Neutron radiotherapy in South Africa: Neutron radiotherapy: Abratt reply PDF HTML
Raymond Abratt 270-271
Neutron radiotherapy in South Africa: Neutron radiotherapy: Society comments PDF HTML
Samuel Fourie, Raymond Abratt, Michiel Botha, Robbie De Muellenaere, Leon Gouws, Greg Hart, Amo Jordaan, Waldek Szpak 271
Neutron radiotherapy in South Africa: Neutron radiotherapy: Abratt supported PDF HTML
Derek Raghavan, Michael Steinberg, Howard Sandler 271
Traumatic rhabdomyolysis (crush syndrome) in the rural setting PDF HTML
D L Skinner; reply by D R Wood 271-272
False-positive HIV DNA PCR testing of infants PDF HTML
Viroj Wiwanitkit; reply by U Feucht 272-273


Bhisho corruption-busting now the national pilot PDF
Mabasa - one good SAMA man into the breach PDF
Old age care – relatives ‘at the mercy’ of homes PDF
Surgeons stitch it together PDF


Jean ('Dokkie') Nel (20/04/1941 - 08/09/2011) PDF HTML
John Zaaijman 281
Emile Welgemoed PDF HTML
Stephen Jeffery, Wilhelm Cronje 281


The rational use of systemic isotretinoin: A call for moderation PDF HTML
Werner Sinclair 282-284
Osteoporosis, osteopenia and fracture risk: Widening the therapeutic horizons PDF HTML
Dennis A Davey 285-288
Scholarship success: Umthombo Youth Development Foundation PDF HTML
A J Ross, R G MacGregor 288


Obesity in childhood and adolescence PDF HTML
M T van der Merwe 289


The efficacy of endoscopic therapy in bleeding peptic ulcer patients PDF HTML
Dion A Levin, Gillian A Watermeyer, Eduan Deetlefs, David C Metz, Sandie R Thomson 290-293
Tricyclic antidepressant overdose necessitating ICU admission PDF HTML
Coenraad F N Koegelenberg, Zirkia J Joubert, Elvis M Irusen 293-294
The importance of carotid artery stiffness and increased intima-media thickness in obese children PDF HTML
Mustafa Ozcetin, Z Ruken Yuksekkaya Celikyay, Atac Celik, Resul Yilmaz, Yasemin Yerli, Unal Erkorkmaz 295-299
Aspects of birth history and outcome in diplegics attending specialised educational facilities PDF HTML
Faith Bischof, Alan Rothberg, Ingrid Ratcliffe 299-302
Piloting a trauma surveillance tool for primary healthcare emergency centres PDF HTML
I Govender, R Matzopoulos, P Makanga, J Corrigall 303-306
Trauma unit workload at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal PDF HTML
K K Pillay, A Ross, S van der Linde 307-308
Phadiatop testing in assessing predisposition to respiratory tract symptoms of allergic origin in athletes PDF HTML
Anton H de Waard, Edith M Peters 309-311


Clinical practice guidelines for management of neuropathic pain: Expert panel recommendations for South Africa PDF
S Chetty, E Baalbergen, A I Bhigjee, P Kamerman, J Ouma, R Raath, M Raff, S Salduker 312-325


CPD questionnaire PDF