Vol 99, No 12 (2009)

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From the Editor

SAMA: From crises to cleansing (to crescendo?) PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 833

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 835


Private practice: Adapt or die PDF
Willem Theron 836
A fairer deal for pneumococcal vaccination PDF
Nathan Ford, Daniel Berman, Daniel Berman, Lisa Frigati, Lisa Frigati 836-838
A jaw for a tooth PDF
Charles Isaacson 838


Millions of ‘snips’ will bolster our health system PDF
NHI will drive costs down - Shisana PDF
Collaborative push to address TB crisis on mines PDF


Bigglesworth MD PDF
Robert Ian Caldwell 856-857
Retained glass fragments in body tissues PDF
D J Emby 858-859
Flank pain, haematuria and poor patient compliance: Beware the ‘forgotten’ JJ stent! PDF
Yusuf Seedat, Ahmed Adam 860-861


Lionel Stein PDF
R G Keeton 862
Desmond Raubenheimer le Roux PDF
Peter Etellin 862-863
Sula Walton (Wolff) PDF
Lynn S Gillis 863

Book reviews

Book Review - Molecular Medicine for clinicians PDF
Jonathan Grant Peter 863


The multifactorial burden of anaemia in Africa PDF
Karen Sliwa 864-865

Scientific letters

First do no harm: Addressing respiratory morbidity in the newborn and child following elective caesarian section before 39 weeks' gestation PDF
J Smith, R J Alexander 866-868
Chakalaka-induced vasodilatation in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia on tyrosine kinase inhibitors PDF
Marius J Coetzee, Vernon J Louw, Kevin Gartrell, Chris D Viljoen 870-871

Original articles

Acute renal failure in the medical ICU still predictive of high mortality PDF
D V Friedericksen, L van der Merwe, T L Hattingh, D G Nel, M R Moosa 873-875
Anaemia among patients with congestive cardiac failure in Uganda - its impact on treatment outcomes PDF
Julius Kabbali Kuule, Emmanuel Seremba, Juergen Freers 876-880
Prevalence and morphological types of anaemia and hookworm infestation in the medical emergency ward, Mulago Hospital, Uganda PDF
Japheth E Mukaya, Henry Ddungu, Francis Ssali, Tim O'Shea, Mark A Crowther 881-886
Solubility tests and the peripheral blood film method for screening for sickle cell disease: A cost benefit analysis PDF
Andrew Livex Okwi, Michael Ocaido, Wilson Byarugaba, Christopher Magala Ndugwa, Arthur Parkes 887-891
Quality of asthma care: Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
Bob Mash, Hilary Rhode, Michael Pather, Gillian Ainslie, Elvis Irusen, Angeni Bheekie, Pat Mayers 892-896


Guideline for the management of chronic asthma in children - 2009 update PDF
Cassim Motala, R J Green, A I Manjra, P C Potter, H J Zar 897-912


CPD Questionnaire PDF