Vol 99, No 1 (2009)

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From the Editor

The Zimbabwe mayhem – how many people must die for the neighbours to act? PDF
Dan Ncayiyana 7

Editor's choice

Editors' Choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 9


Medicines: Effectiveness or cost PDF
Marc Blockman 10
Unhygienic male circumcision procedures and HIV transmission PDF
Devon D. Brewer, John J Potterat, John M Roberts, jr, Stuart Brody 11
HIV and Circumcision PDF
John Lazarus 12


‘Show us you’re serious – or stay home’ PDF
HIV/AIDS on tertiary education campuses – data at last PDF
Climate change kills at least 300 000 every year PDF


Dr Johan Gerber PDF
Johan Maritz 34
Dr Jerome Bosman PDF
Paul Hill 35


Compulsory HIV testing of alleged sex offenders PDF
David Jan McQuoid-Mason 26
Marinus van den Ende PDF
Jan van den Ende 29


Time to keep African kids safer PDF
Margaret Mary Peden, Adnan A Hyder 36
Sub-specialties in psychiatry: Towards parity in mental health training and services PDF
Dan J Stein, Alonso Betancourt, Robin A Emsley, Yasmien Jeenah, Dan Mkize, Janus Pretorius, Solomon Rataemane, Louw Roos, Christopher P Szabo 38

Scientific letters

Hereditary C1 Esterase Deficiency in a Zulu Kindred PDF
Ed Moran, G Isaacs, B Naidoo, Dennis Pudifin 40

Original articles

Procedure for prolapsed haemorrhoids vs excisional haemorrhoidectomy: A systematic review and meta-analysis PDF
Thandinkosi E Madiba, Tonya M Esterhuizen, Sandie R Thomson 43
Rural origin health science students in South African universities PDF
John Musyoki Tumbo, Ian D Couper, Jannie F Hugo 54
Mechanisms of Oedema: the minor role of hypoalbuminaemia PDF
Charlé Steyl, Roal Van Zyl-Smit 57


CPD Questionnaire PDF