Vol 94, No 8 (2004)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Fred N Sanders 616
Practice Management: Marketing your medical practice-Part II PDF
Foundation for Professional Development 618

From the Editor

The looming threat of HIV/AIDS drug resistance in South Africa PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 589

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 590


Screening for breast cancer PDF
Jenny Edge, Anne Gudgeon, Paul Sneider, Harry Said, Russell Whitehorn, reply by Dent and Panieri 596
Failed contraception? PDF
Chelsea Morroni, Landon Myer, Di Cooper 600
Medical practitioners' attitudes towards older patients PDF
Notobeko Ntusi, Monica Ferreira 600


ARV compliance - the new battle terrain PDF
Drug laws - State to comply ....but later PDF
Winning back mother's magical milk PDF
Cancer sufferers could postpone pregnancy PDF
SAMJ 100 years ago/ SAMJ 50 years ago PDF


Prescribed minimum benefits or minimum prescribed benefits? PDF
Brian Rayner 623
Sedation of children undergoing MRI - a risky business PDF
P Kitsa, S Andronikou, J F Cardoso 625
Occupational post-exposure HIV prophylaxis PDF
Gary Maartens 626
Usefulness of neuro-imaging for the diagnosis of HIV encephalopathy in children PDF
J R Kieck, S Andronikou 628
Hook line and sinker PDF
A O Laosebikan, V Manchev, S R Thomson 630

Book reviews

Making Choices in Health: WHO Guide to Cost Effectiveness Analysis PDF
Alan Rothberg 631
Controlling Disease due to Helminth Infections PDF
John Fincham 632


Vivian Ivan McCusker PDF
Rene D le Roex 632
Johan Rudolf van Heerden (11/06/24 - 09/07/03) PDF
Steve van Heerden (son) 633


Universal newborn hearing screening in South Africa - a First-World dream? PDF
D C D Swanepoel, S D Delport, J G Swart 634

Scientific letters

I want my Miren out! PDF
Martin Puzey 636
Gender distribution of students and staff at the University of Malawi College of Medicine, 1991 - 2003 PDF
Adamson S Muula, Yohane Nyasulu, Gladys Msiska 636

Original articles

Access to health care in South Africa - the influence of race and class PDF
R Lalloo, M J Smith, N G Myburgh, G C Solanki 639
Initial experience of a public sector antiretroviral treatment programme for HIV-infected children and their infected parents PDF
Brian Eley, James Nuttall, Mary-Ann Davies, Lara Smith, Carol Cowburn, Heloise Buys, Gregory Hussey 643
Imiglucerase low-dose therapy for paediatric Gaucher disease - a long-term cohort study PDF
R Heitner, S Arndt, J B Levin 647
The role of the traditional bonesetter in primary fracture care in Nigeria PDF
J E Onuminya 652


ASSA-SAGES 2004 Congress, 6 -10 August 2004 PDF


Guideline for Prophylactic Anticoagualation PDF
Southern African Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 689
Guideline on the Management of Melanoma PDF
Melanoma Advisory Board 697