Vol 93, No 10 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 744
Managed Care: Specialised outsourcing of managed care & Business Planning PDF
Foundation of Professional Development 745
Medical Organisations: The HPCSA - Protecting the public, guiding the professions PDF
Guy Hawthorne, Rivalland Computing 749

From the Editor

Hero turned villain - Mugabe's health system is in shambles PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 714

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 715


Dispensing doctors disadvantaged by pharmacy clinics and new law on dispensing PDF
P C H Croucamp 724
Pitfalls of translation PDF
Ronald Ingle 724
Misquotation PDF
Boyce Mkhize 724
Extrauterine pregnancy PDF
P M Bremer 725
Economy class syndrome PDF
Neil Cameron 725
National health insurance - friend or foe? PDF
Ben Broens 726
Toy gun injuries PDF
Gary Kroucamp 726
Guidelines for CPD accreditation of the South African Society of Medical Oncology PDF
Raymond P Abratt, Richard Eele, Louis Goedhals, Bernardo Rapoport, Coenraad F Slabber, Daniel A Vorobiof 728


Regional analgesia abseils into the limelight PDF
Inborn errors of metabolism: easier testing PDF
Health carers cracking under HIV/AIDS workload PDF
Telemedicine boost for Matie campus PDF
National child neglect? PDF
Synopsis: A forward leap in new therapies PDF
The SAMJ 100 & 50 years ago PDF


Peter Safar PDF
Jan D Smith 767
Joseph Norman Bear PDF
Asher Dubb 768

Book reviews

Dementia Fast Facts PDF
Sebastiana Kalulu 766
Bone Dysplasias PDF
P Beighton 766
Self-Assessment Colour Reviews. Learn - Revise - Reinforce PDF
Janet Seggie 766


New anabolic agents in the treatment of osteoporosis PDF
Stephen Hough 754
Intrauterine growth and disease in later life - Barker and beyond PDF
Geoffrey Richard Bihl 757
Etorphine poisoning PDF
C F Brink, J Erasmus 761
'The locum cardiothoracic SHO, I presume?' PDF
C H Vaughan William 762
Letter from the UK - Clandestine Fellowship PDF
Robert-Ian Caldwell 763


Strengthening the health system and ensuring equality in the widescale implementation of an antiretroviral therapy programme in South Africa PDF
Helen Schneider, David Coetzee 772
Puzzles in the causation and epidemiology of postate cancer - a sombre outlook PDF
Alexander R P Walker, Betty F Walker 773

Scientific letters

Medical aid schemes, HIV status and 'material non-disclosure' PDF
Teboho Motebele, Marlise Richter 775
Cervical pregnancy in an HIV-infected patient treated by uterine artery embolisation and methotrexate PDF
Gian Urbani, Hendrik S Cronje 776
Changes in the patient population attending a primary health care clinic in rural South Africa between 1991 and 2001 PDF
M Dedicoat, K Grimwade, R Newton, C Gilks 777

Original articles

The prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission programme and infant feeding practices PDF
K Hilderbrand, E Goemaere, D Coetzee 779
Percutaneous endoscopic gastroscopy in children - a 5-year experience PDF
W G van der Merwe, R A Brown, J D Ireland, E Goddard 781
Bimodal distribution of fasting gastric acidity in a rural African population PDF
A M Sammon, M Mguni, L Mapele, K O Awotedu, J E Iputo 786
Do South African medical students of rural origin return to rural practice? PDF
Elma de Vries, Steve Reid 789
Student Paper: Haemophilia patients aged 0 - 18 years in the Western Cape PDF
M H Hazewinkel, J J Hoogerwerf, P B Hesseling, P Hartley, P E MacLean, M Peters, G Wessels 793