Vol 93, No 7 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 490
Synopsis - aspirin and colorectal cancer PDF
Fred N Sanders 489
Managed Care PDF
Foundation for Professional Development 493

From the Editor

AIDS: A systemic misunderstanding PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 466

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 467


Choices in health care spending PDF
S R Benatar, T E Fleischer 472
Drotrecogin alfa (activated) in South African private hospital ICUs PDF
R E Hodgson, P G Williams, A P Foden, D Grolman 473
Nocturnal enuresis guidelines PDF
L D Jee 474


No corporate 'hiding' for doctors PDF
SA medical education ' chaotic' - Price PDF
SAMJ 50 & 100 years ago PDF
Supporting HIV+ medical students PDF
Mechanics overhaul ethics policy PDF
Shisana hits back at her critics PDF


Should health care money in South Africa be spent on drotrecogin alfa? PDF
Bettina Taylor, Derrick Burns, B W van de Wal, Tony Mbewu, G R Keeton 500
The value of innovation PDF
William L Macias, Howard Levy 502
Surgical emphysema of the scrotum - another complication of ERCP? PDF
A O Laosebikian, S R Thomson, F Ghimenton, H T Campbell 504
Antibiotic prescribing practices for common childhood illnesses in South Africa PDF
Robin E Huebner, Avril D Wasas, Keith P Klugman 505
Jane Mikulicz-Radecki (1850-1905) - father of surgical endoscopy PDF
Jarek Kowalczyck 509

Book reviews

The WHO Manual of Diagnostic Imaging. Radiographic anatomy and Interpretation of the Musculoskeletal System PDF
Alan Scher 511


Godfrey Phillips Charlewood PDF
Professor LGR van Dongen 511
Fanny Ethel Meltzer PDF
Margie Meltzer 511
Martin Browne PDF
Ronald Ingle 512
R L Tobias PDF
Ashleigh Tobias 512


Do we need a national antiretroviral treatment register? PDF
Linda-Gail Bekker, Robin Wood 514
Excessive weight gain following therapy for hyperthyroidism - a major problem PDF
Ian Louis Ross, Naomi S Levitt 515

Scientific letters

Prevalence of obsessive compulsive disorder in first- and multi-episode male patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorder PDF
Liesel Koen, Piet P Oosthuizen, Dana J H Niehaus, Robin A Emsley, Jacqueline E Muller, Dan J Stein, Natasha Keyter, Christine Lochner, Soraya Seedat 517
Molecular diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in South African population PDF
A Goldman, C Graf, M Ramsay, F Leisegang, A T R Westwood 518

Original articles

The BEST study - a prospective study to compare business class versus economy class air fair travel as a cause of thrombosis PDF
Barry F Jacobson, Marion Munster, Alberto Smith, Kevin G Burnand, Andrew Carter, A Talib O Abdool-Carrim, Elizabeth Marcos, Piet J Becker, Timothy Rogers, Dirk le Roux, Jennifer L Calvert-Evers, Marietha J Nel, Robyn Brackin, Martin Veller 522
Weight gain in patients after therapy for hyperthyroidism PDF
J Brunova, J Bruna, G Joubert, M Koning 529
Factors influencing pregnancy outcome in a gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) programme PDF
J M de Bruijn, T F Kruger, J P van der Merwe, F S H Stander, C J Lombard 532
Sexual behaviour of Cape Town high-school students PDF
Alan J Flisher, Priscilla Reddy, Martie Muller, Carl Lombard 537
Liver cysts in Congolese patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease follow a family pattern PDF
A G H Assounga, Y Yacoubou, E Makosso, J R Ibara, T Gombet 542