Vol 93, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 102
Practice management - Setting up a practice PDF
by Jules and Tana Rivalland 103
Legislation - Summarised amendments to the Medical Schemes Act II PDF
Elsabe Klinck 104
Managed care - Models for managed care networks PDF
The Foundation for Professional Development 105

From the Editor

Longing for Egypt - the Transkei dilemma PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 78

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 79


Community service - or conscription? PDF
D R Gurnell 84
ACLS and PALS examinations 'sold' unnecessarily to doctors for work in the UK PDF
Marius van der Merwe 84
Intravenous infusion - the case for keeping vitamin C in the emergency drug cupboard PDF
Don Emby 85
Bone densitometry - role of quantitative CT PDF
Stephen Hough, Paul Sneider, comment by Steve Beningfield 85
Legal termination of pregnancy PDF
Eleanor S Nash 87
The area needs certificate PDF
D W Paterson 87
An African safari PDF
J H Muller 88
Nuclear medicine in South Africa PDF
Mike Sathekge, James Warwick 88
Ethical standards PDF
ED Sonnenfeld 90
The Employment Equity Act - putting the record straight PDF
M A C la Grange 90


PMTCT programme needs more muscle PDF
Tackling the crowded jail health threat PDF
Birth deformities - a heavy burden PDF
High-flying DVT risks gaining altitude? PDF
Sleep disorder adds to disease burden PDF


Egg allergy and MMR vaccination PDF
G du Toit, E G Weinberg 113
What do South African psychiatrists and GPs think, feel and know about evidence-based mental health care? PDF
Nandi Siegfried, George Swingler, Soraya Seedat, Martie Muller, Rachel Churchill, Dan J Stein 114
Eczema and foods PDF
G Borok 118
South Africa's role in medical training in Malawi PDF
Adamson S Muula, Robert L Broadhead 119
Letter from Bahrain - Is the grass greener where we like sheep have gone astray? PDF
Robert-Ian Caldwell 121

Book reviews

Disorders of Voluntary Muscle PDF
Wayne Derman 122


Arnold Teeger PDF
Joseph Teeger 124
David Friedberg PDF
R I Cochrane 124


A frightening situation? Youth in the USA today PDF
Alexander R P Walker, Betty F Walker, Ahmed A Wadee 125

Scientific letters

Permeability of intestinal mucosa to crystalline and tabletted isonizid (INH) PDF
Pieter van der Bijl, Heiner I Seifart, Armorel D van Eyk 127
Clinically silent renal tumour producing erythropoietin PDF
Lucille Wood, Andrew du Toit, Peter Jacobs, Charles Swanepoel 128

Original articles

Amoebic liver abscess - results of a conservative management policy PDF
P L McGarr, T E Madiba, S R Thomson, P Corr 132
An epidemiological perspective of substance use among high school pupils in rural KwaZulu-Natal PDF
M Taylor, C C Jinabhai, K Naidoo, I Kleinschmidt, S B Dlamini 136
Lessons learned from infertility investigations in the public sector PDF
G W Stewart-Smythe, B van Iddekinge 141
Cancer patterns in four districts of the Transkei region - 1991 -1995 PDF
Nontuthuzelo I M Somdyala, Walter F O Marasas, Francois S Venter, Hester F Vismer, Wentzel C A Gelderblom, Sonja A Swanevelder 144
The relentless spread of tuberculosis in Zambia - trends over the past 37 years (1964 - 2000) PDF
P Mwaba, M Maboshe, C Chintu, B Squire, S Nyirenda, R Sunkutu, A Zumla 149