Vol 93, No 1 (2003)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 23
Summarised amendments to the regulations of the Medical Schemes Act PDF
Elsabe Klinck 24
Websites Review: AfroAIDSinfo PDF
Fred Sanders 26
Frustrations of medical pricing PDF
Jules and Tana Rivalland 27

From the Editor

The power of one good person PDF
J P van Niekerk 1

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P van Niekerk 3


Kickbacks in relation to medical practice PDF
P Miller, J Preddy, I R Weinberg 8
Cannabis use in South Africa PDF
Charles Parry 9
Child Rape PDF
AB van As, AWJ Millar, H Rode 9
Mass hysteria with possible pseudoseizures at a primary school PDF
Indiran Govender 10
CPD requirements - non-clinical registration PDF
CMF Lang 10
Dissent and resistance PDF
P Lingham 11
IUCD insertion at caesarean section - a new look PDF
Martin Puzey 11


SAMA's ttreatment programme launched PDF
Next month in CME PDF
Frances Ames - human rights champion PDF
Getting community service right PDF
First medical crew for Cape to Rio race PDF
SAMA protects its Guide to Billing PDF
Reaching for a farier health care deal PDF
Local hospital solution lasts longer PDF
A political peacemaker for health? PDF
Health Digest PDF


Challenges to cervical cancer screening in the Western Cape province PDF
N Smith, J Moodley, M Hoffman 32
Early visual recovery after macular hole surgery with gas tamponade PDF
K N A Rivett, M Boocock 36
Dissociative fugue PDF
M A Matete, P J Pretorius, S T Rataemane 39
Rape survivors and the right to emergency medical treatment to prevent HIV infection PDF
David McQuoid-Mason, Ames Dhai, Jack Moodley 41

Book reviews

Psychotherapy with children and adolescents PDF
Willem de Jager 45
Stroke Syndromes PDF
Alan Bryer 45


Wyndham Harris PDF
Janetha Lion-Cachet PDF
Walter Gordon PDF
Frances Rix Ames PDF


The epidemic of childhood obesity PDF
G du Toit, M-T van der Merwe 49

Scientific letters

Are low aminoglycoside doses appropriate when used for perioperative prophylaxis in urology? PDF
A Whitelaw, T Ruttmann 52
The role of nutrient intake in the aetiology of diabetes mellitus PDF
Marthinette Slabber, Anna M Badenhorst, Willem M Mollentze, Gesin M Oosthuizen, Johanna MM Koning, Mariette Nel 52

Original articles

Special Article: The ART of rationing - the need for a new approach to rationing health interventions PDF
Christopher Kenyon, Jolene Skordis, Andrew Boulle, Karrisha Pillay 56
Obstetric causes for delivery of very-low-birth-weight babies at Tygerberg Hospital PDF
E S Odendaal, D W Steyn, H J Odendaal 61
A mass campain too often? Results of a vaccination coverage survey in the Dikgale-Soekmekaar district PDF
Carla van Turennout, Joris Vandelanotte, Marjan van den Akker, AnneMarie Depoorter 65
Women doctors in medical professional organisations in South Africa a report by the Women in Medicine Workgroup PDF
Jocelyne Kane-Berman, Rosemary Hickman 69
Congenital eunuchism and Favorinus PDF
F P Retief, J F G Cilliers 73