Vol 95, No 9 (2005)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 640
Handwashing and infection PDF
Bridget Farham 671
Practice Management PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 642
Type 2 diabetics: are they getting adequate care in general practice? PDF
Bridget Farham 672

From the Editor

SAMJ: A journal in transition PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 619

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 621


Megaloblastic anaemia, diabetes and deafness in a 2-year-old child PDF
Alan Davidson, Patricia S Hartley, Peter Berman, Margaret H G Shuttleworth 624
Sulpiride and breastfeeding PDF
A J Lasich 624
High expenses for doctors PDF
W G J Kloeck 626
HPCSA - a voice from the other side PDF
Anina Steele, reply by C D Karabus 626


Courts sharpen up the HPCSA PDF
Cover you, cover me PDF
Ovations amid the 'transformation blues' PDF


Alcohol - foe or friend? PDF
Diane M Blackhurst, A David Marais 648
Thinking ahead - the rising tide of AIDS orphans PDF
Wim Delva, An Vercoutere, Isabelle Dehaene, Sara Willems, Marleen Temmerman, Lieven Annemans 656
Warning: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in children and adolescents PDF
National Adverse Drug Event Monitoring Centre, Medicines Control Council 660
Migrating intracranial missile PDF
S K Misser, M R H Bayat, H C Campbell 661
Taking fingerprints from a decomposed body using the 'indirect cadaver hand skin-glove' method PDF
G J Knobel 665


Frank Charles Friedlander (1918 - 2005) PDF
Nicola Hayward 668
Barend Johannes Vorster (1923 - 2004) PDF
Paul du Toit 669
Paul Roberts (1929 - 2005) PDF
Pierre Jacques 670


Childhood pesticide poisoning - a clarion call for action on children's vulnerability PDF
L London 673

Scientific letters

Laparoscopic antireflux surgery in infants and children PDF
M L van Niekerk, A Visser, D J Venter 675
Postgraduate training in urogynaecology in South Africa PDF
H S Cronje 677

Original articles

Paediatric organophosphate poisoning - a rural hospital experience PDF
R Dippenaar, R J Diedericks 678
Implications of the ethical-legal framework for adolescent HIV vaccine trials - report of a consultative forum PDF
Catherine Slack, Ann Strode, Catherine Grant, Cecilia Milford 682
Scientific justification for the participation of children and adolescents in HIV-1 vaccine trials in South Africa PDF
Heather B Jaspan, Glenda E Gray, Andrew K L Robinson, Hoosen M Coovadia, Linda-Gail Bekker 685
Seroprevalence of rubella antibodies among antenatal patients in the Western Cape PDF
Diana R Hardie 688
Cervical lenght at 23 week's gestation - relation to demographic characteristics and previous obstetric history in South African women PDF
I Erasmus, E Nicolaou, C J van Gelderen, K H Nicolaides 691