Vol 95, No 6 (2005)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Jonathan Spencer-Jones 380
Bridget Farham 406
Practice Management PDF
Jonathan Spencer-Jones 384
More on the Million Women Study PDF
Bridget Farham 406

From the Editor

Don't let the dissenters distort the medical profession's perpective on treatment for HIV / AIDS PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 361

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 363


The 'worried-well', insulin resistance and metformin therapy PDF
Larry A Distiller, Stan Landau, Barry Joffe, Brian Kramer, Laura Blacking 366
High expenses for doctors PDF
S S Ger 366
The limits of medical science and the right to procreate PDF
J V Larsen 367
Cover caption contested PDF
Martin Dedicoat 367
HPCSA - and now the sound of music PDF
Owen Ovendale 368


A costly waiting game PDF
Government 'encouraging snake-oil salesman' Rath PDF
Payouts againsts doctors spiralling upward PDF


Incorrect use of a homemade spacer for treatment of recurrent wheezing in children - a cause for concern PDF
Heather J Zar, Cas Motala, Eugene Weinberg 388
Use of phenobarbitone for treating childhood epilepsy in resource-poor countries PDF
Jo M Wilmshurst, Ronald van Toorn 392
Intracranial mycotic aneurysm due to infective endocarditis - successful NBCA glue embolism PDF
S K Misser, S Lallo, S Ponnusamy 397

Book reviews

Coronary Artery Disease: Risk Promoters, Phathophysiology and Prevention PDF
Bongani M Mayosi 408


Wally Cox PDF
Morris Cohen 409

Scientific letters

Proposed guidelines for malaria antigen testing PDF
L A Dini, J A Frean 411
Playstation thumb - a new epidemic in children PDF
Safura Abdool Karim 412

Original articles

Where have all the doctors gone? Career choices of Wits medical graduates PDF
Max Price, Renay Weiner 414
Pleading the defence of therapeutic privilege PDF
Patrick van den Heever 420
Withdrawal of parenteral phenobarbitone - implications for resource-poor countries PDF
J M Wilmshurst, Ronald van Toorn, C R J C Newton 422
Demographics and presenting clinical features of childhood systemic lupus erythematosus PDF
G Faller, P D Thomson, U K Kala, D Hahn 424
Cannabis and other drugs use among trauma patients in three South African cities, 1999-2001 PDF
Charles D H Parry, Andreas Pluddemann, Hilton Donson, Anesh Sukhai, Sandra Marais, Carl Lombard 429


Childhood atopic eczema consensus document PDF
A I Manjira, P du Plessis, R Weiss, C M Motala, P C Potter, N Raboobee, N Ndlova, M Davis, E G Weinberg, (Members of the South African Childhood Atopic Eczema Working Group, a subcommittee of the Allergy Society of South Africa) 433-440