Vol 95, No 1 (2005)

Table of Contents

News PDF
Fred N Sanders 24
Statin drugs: Do the results of trial stand up to scrutiny? PDF
Fred N Sanders 41
Kidneys for cash and eggs safaris - can we allow 'transplant tourism' to flourish in South Africa? PDF
David Bass 42
Practice management PDF
Fred N Sanders 27

From the Editor

Global political conflict, people's health and the medical journals PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 5

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
J P van Niekerk 6


Free service at the Medicines Information Centre PDF
Annoesjka Swart, Joe Talmud, Briony Chisholm 8
What Islam does not need is a pope! PDF
M A K Omar, G M Hoosen, M Tikly, S Wadee, M Solwa, H Tayob 8
Cancer and the prediction of death by oncologists PDF
F C Backman 9
Straight thinking about the aetiology of endemic cancer of the oesphagus PDF
Alastair Sammon, Jehu Ipoto 10


Indemnity hike stirs up doctors PDF
Women under HIV siege bolster microbicide research PDF
SAMJ 100 years ago / SAMJ 50 years ago PDF
Pharmacogenetics offers hope PDF
Shot in the arm for SAMA publishing PDF
Farewell to Peter Roberts PDF


Parental refusal of blood transfusions for minor children solely on religious grounds - the doctor's dilemma resolved PDF
David McQuoid-Mason 29
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus PDF
O A Dawodu, A I Osahon, A A Alikah, C E Bakare 30
The right to procreate - freedom and necessity PDF
Louis-Jacques van Bogaert 32
The limits of medical science PDF
Bernard Brom 35

Book reviews

The WHO Manual of Diagnostic Imaging Radiographic Technique and Projections PDF
Gillan Bowie 39


Cyril D Kisner PDF
Norman A Blumberg 40

Scientific letters

Causes of high erythrocyte sedimentation rates in an inpatient population PDF
P F Levay, J H Retief 45

Original articles

Asbetos in the non-mining industry on the Witwatersrand, South Africa PDF
Spo M Kgalamono, D Rees, D Kielkowski, A Solomon 47
Lack of adherence to the national guidelines on the prevention of rheumatic fever PDF
Katharine A Robertson, Jimmy A Volmink, Bongani M Mayosi 52
Effective and accurate screening for diabetic retinopathy using a 60 mydriatic fundus camera PDF
T R Carmichael, G I Carp, N D Welsh, W J Kalk 57
Comparison between a newly developed PC-based Doppler umbilical artery waveform analyser and a commercial unit PDF
G B Theron, A M Theron, H J Odendaal, A E Bunn 62