Vol 96, No 3 (2006)

Table of Contents

News & Practice Management PDF
Jonatha Spencer-Jones 176
A proposal for the eradication of rheumatic fever in our lifetime PDF
Bongani M Mayosi 229
Welcome address: Rheumatic heart disease is a neglected disease of poverty requiring a multisectoral approach for control and eradication PDF
Anthony D Mbewu 231
Towards a uniform plan for the control of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in africa - the awareness Surveillance Advocacy Prevention (A.S.A.P.) Programme PDF
Kate A Robertson, Jimmy A Volmink, Bongani M Mayosi, Writing Committee, 1st All Africa Workshop on Rheumatic Fever and Rheumati Heart disease Champagne Sports 241
Frequency and severity of rheumatic heart disease in the catchment area of Gauteng hospitals, 1993-1995 PDF
Sally-Ann Clur 233
Management of patients with rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in Nigeria - need for a national system of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention PDF
Samuel I Omokhodion 237
Protocols for antibiotic use in primary and secondary prevention of rheumatic fever PDF
Bongani M Mayosi 240
The Drakensberg Declaration on the Control of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in Africa PDF
Bongani Mayosi, Kate Robinson, Jimmy Volmink, et al 246

From the Editor

Doctors as migratory labourers PDF
J P V van Niekerk 155

Editor's choice

Editors' choice PDF
J P V van Niekerk 157


Health sector charter needs rethink PDF
Haroon Wadee, Shan Naidoo, Nzapfurundi Chabikuli 158
Sexual behaviour and SAMA PDF
Trevor Modlin 159
Mirena and ectopic pregnancy - a diagnostic challenge PDF
Martin Puzey 160
GCP accreditation - a worthwhile investment? PDF
Lesley J Burgess, Nicky U Sulzer 161
NOAH rescues AIDS orphans PDF
Greg Ash 162


Gay 'militant' stays bloody minded PDF
Lack of capacity devitalising SA's hospitals PDF
New blood test fails to set hearts racing PDF
A few good men and women: an invitation PDF


Community service doctors in Limpopo province PDF
M S Nemutandani, F R S Maluleke, M J Rudolph 180
Animal attacks - a red herring of child abuse? PDF
A B (Sabastian) van As, Robert R Kalebka, Yolande van der Heyde 184
Soft-tissue tumour of the fetal thigh PDF
L Govender, J Moodley 187
Misunderstanding Muslims PDF
Peter Baillie 188
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 190


Paul Marchand PDF
F J (Jimmy) Durham 190
Cecil Berl Collins PDF
D W Levy 190

Book reviews

Into the Past by Phillip Tobias PDF
Jonathan Spencer-Jones 194


The threat of a new influenza pandemic - are we doing enough? PDF
Guy Richards 195
Cancer of the oesophagus - quo vadis? PDF
K M de Groot 197

Scientific letters

Genetic testing for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in South Africa PDF
Robyn Labrum, Amanda Krause, John Rodda 200
Peadiatric HIV disclosure in South Africa - caregivers' perspectives on discussing HIV with infected children PDF
Keymanthri Moodley, Landon Myer, Desiree Michaels, Mark Cotton 201
HIV seronversion during pregnancy in the Tygerberg region of Cape Town PDF
G B Theron, J Schoeman, E Carolus 204

Original articles

Notification of rheumatic fever in South Africa - evidence for underreporting by health care professionals and administrators PDF
Boitumelo Nkgudi, Kate A Robertson, Jimmy Volmink, Bongani M Mayosi 206
Self-induced vomiting - risk for oesophageal cancer? PDF
T Matsha, A Stepien, E Blanco-Blanco, L T Brink, C J Lombard, S van Rensburg, R T Easmus 209
Oro-facial trauma in child abuse fatalities PDF
V M Phillips, Y van der Heyde 213
Unsuspected glucose abnormalities in patients with coronary artery disease PDF
P Soma, P Rheeder 216
Continuing communicable disease burden in Eritrea PDF
J Mufunda, P Nyarango, A Kosia, A Ogbamariam, G Mebrahtu, A Usman, S Gebresillosie, S Giotom, E Araya, G Andemichael, A Gebremichael 221
Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates in Port Elizabeth PDF
S Govender, T Lebani, R Nell 225