Vol 96, No 1 (2006)

Table of Contents

News and Practice Management PDF
Jonathan Spencer Jones 22

From the Editor

Ageing disgracefully PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 7

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 9


Legal, but is it right? PDF
Leon Groenveld 10
Is tele-facilitation a viable alternative to conventional face-to-face facilitation? PDF
M Patrick, I Arsalo, N Philips, A-M Bergh, R C Pattinson 10
Folic acid awareness among women of reproductive age in Cape Town PDF
A R Sayed, J Nixon, D E Bourne 12


Discovery's 'hospital rating' collides with clinicians PDF
Caring accolades for top clinicians PDF
Venues change angers hospital chiefs PDF
South Africa under-priorities osteoporosis PDF


Initiation of pre-hospital thrombolysis in South Africa PDF
Nicholas Castle, Raveen Naidoo, Robert Owen 28
Intracranial endoscopy PDF
A A Figaji, A G Fieggen, P L Semple, J C Peter 32
When thunder roars - go indoors! PDF
Ryan Blumenthal 38
Professor Edmund Biernacki (1866-1911) and the discovery of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate PDF
Jarek kowalczyk 40
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 44


Bruce Merton McIntosh PDF
Robert Godfrey (Bob) Saner PDF

Book reviews

Genetic Disorders of the Indian Subcontinent PDF
Peter Beighton 46


Emergency medicine - a new era in South African medicine PDF
Clive Balfour 47
Addressing authorship disputes PDF
T E Madiba, A Dhai 49

Scientific letters

Cervical lymph node biopsy - watch the nerves! PDF
A Numanoglu, H Rode 51

Original articles

The Cape Triage Score - a triage system for South Africa PDF
L A Wallis, S B Gottschalk, D Wood, S Bruijns, S de Vries, C Balfour, on behalf of the Cape Triage Group 53
Evaluation of the buffering capacity of powdered cow's, goats's and soy milk and non-prescription antacids in the treatment of non-ulcer dyspepsia PDF
D Lutchman, S Pillay, R Naidoo, N Shangase, R Nayak, A Rughoobeer 57
Adrenorcortical function in hospitalised patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis receiving a rifampicin-based regimen - a pilot study PDF
W D Francois Venter, Vanessa R Panz, Charles Feldman, Barry I Joffe 62
Prevalence of exercise-induced bronchospasm in Thokoza schoolchildren PDF
M B N Mashalane, A Stewart, C Feldman, P Becker, S de Charmoy 67