Vol 110, No 9 (2020)

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Guest Editorial

The COVID-19 crisis in South Africa: Protecting the vulnerable PDF
L Blumberg, W Jassat, M Mendelson, C Cohen 825-826


HIV-1 diversity and the implementation of integrase strand-transfer inhibitors as part of combination antiretroviral therapy PDF
S G Mikasi, G M Ikomey, A E Obasa, R Cloete, G B Jacobs 827
Bodies without names: A global challenge PDF
C G Birngruber, E G Martinez Peña, F Holz 828


Lynn Sinclair Gillis PDF
D J Stein, J Raphael-Leff 829
Lungile Pepeta PDF
A Davidson, R Masekela 830

Book reviews

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men: A Book for All. By Caroline Criado Perez. New York: Abrams Press, 2019. ISBN: 978-1-4197-2907-2 (hardcover) PDF
M Tarpley 831


Paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome: What should we look out for in South Africa? PDF
C L Hendricks, F Mustafa, R J Green, M S Pepper 832-834

In Practice

Preparing healthcare facilities to operate safely and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic: The missing piece in the puzzle PDF
L S Wilkinson, S Moosa, R Cooke, A M Muller, T H Boyles 835-836
COVID-19 antibody testing: From hype to immunological reality PDF
C M Gray, J Peter, M Mendelson, S Madhi, J M Blackburn 837-841
The role of serological testing in the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak PDF
E S Mayne, L Scott, B Semete, A Julsing, S Jugwanth, N Mampeule, A David, M P Gededzha, A Goga, D Hardie, W Preiser, K Chetty, H Rees, I Sanne, K Mlisana, J A George, W Stevens 842-845
When to start treatment? Dilemma illustrated by a paediatric case of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis of the central nervous system PDF
R M S Gigi, H L Rieder, N Padayatchi 846-849
When do adolescent mothers return to school? Timing across rural and urban South Africa PDF
J Jochim, A K Groves, L D Cluver 850-854
Adolescent girls and young women: Policy-to-implementation gaps for addressing sexual and reproductive health needs in South Africa PDF
E L Davids, T Kredo, A A M Gerritsen, C Mathews, N Slingers, M Nyirenda, F Abdullah 855-857
Comparative strategic approaches to COVID-19 in Africa: Balancing public interest with civil liberties PDF
A E Obasa, S Singh, E Chivunze, T Burgess, F Masiye, T Mtande, J Ochieng, V Chalwe, B Mokgatla, S Rennie, K Moodley 858-863


COVID-19 in children: Should we be worried? PDF
C L Hendricks, R J Green 864-868


Antimicrobial susceptibility and serotype distribution of Streptococcus agalactiae rectovaginal colonising isolates from pregnant women at a tertiary hospital in Pretoria, South Africa: An observational descriptive study PDF
M Said, Y Dangor, N Mbelle, S A Madhi, G Kwatra, F Ismail 869-871
Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of uropathogens isolated from pregnant women in KwaZulu-Natal Province: 2011 - 2016 PDF
P Bhola, N R Mvelase, Y Balakrishna, K P Mlisana, K Swe Swe-Han 872-876
Epidemiology of human rabies in South Africa, 2008 - 2018 PDF
J Weyer, V Dermaux-Msimang, A Grobbelaar, C le Roux, N Moolla, J Paweska, L Blumberg 877-881
Financial burden of orthopaedic gunshot-related injury management at a major trauma centre PDF
M van Heukelum, N le Roux, S Jakoet, N Ferreira 882-886
Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer risk perception and vaccine acceptability among adolescent girls and young women in Durban, South Africa PDF
V L Russell, G Ogilvie, M Beksinska, M Nyrenda, S Mitchell-Foster, J Lavoie, H Harder, B Wood, P Smith, J J Dietrich, J Smit, M A Brockman, G Gray, A Kaida; on behalf of the AYAZAZI Research Team 887-893
South Africans’ understanding of and response to the COVID-19 outbreak: An online survey PDF
S P Reddy, R Sewpaul, M Mabaso, S Parker, I Naidoo, S Jooste, T Mokhele, S Sifunda, K Zuma 894-902
Outcomes of paediatric patients ventilated in a high-care area outside an intensive care unit PDF
S Cawood, S Naidoo, G Okudo, S Velaphi, C Verwey 903-909
The effect of COVID-19 on essential surgical admissions in South Africa: A retrospective observational analysis of admissions before and during lockdown at a tertiary healthcare complex PDF
J Moustakis, A A Piperidis, A B Ogunrombi 910-915
Changes in surgical practice in 85 South African hospitals during COVID-19 hard lockdown PDF
K M Chu, M Smith, E Steyn, P Goldberg, H Bougard, I Buccimazza 916-919
Hepatitis C infection at a tertiary hospital in South Africa: Clinical presentation, non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis, and response to therapy PDF
W B Abuelhassan, G I Gasim, R Ally, C Menezes 920-925
Unspoken victims: A national study of male rape incidents and police investigations in South Africa PDF
R Jina, M Machisa, G Labuschagne, L Vetten, L Loots, R Jewkes 926-931
Comparison of adherence measures using claims data in the South African private health sector PDF
M Obeng-Kusi, M S Lubbe, M Cockeran, J R Burger 932-936


CPD Questions PDF