Online First: COVID-19 in South Africa

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

The COVID-19 crisis in South Africa: Protecting the vulnerable PDF
L Blumberg, W Jassat, M Mendelson, C Cohen

In Practice

COVID-19 antibody testing: From hype to immunological reality PDF
C M Gray, J Peter, M Mendelson, S Madhi, J M Blackburn
The role of serological testing in the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak PDF
E S Mayne, L Scott, B Semete, A Julsing, S Jugwanth, N Mampeule, A David, M P Gededzha, A Goga, D Hardie, W Preiser, K Chetty, H Rees, I Sanne, K Mlisana, J A George, W Stevens
Preparing healthcare facilities to operate safely and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic: The missing piece in the puzzle PDF
L S Wilkinson, S Moosa, R Cooke, A M Muller, T H Boyles


Changes in surgical practice in 85 South African hospitals during COVID-19 hard lockdown PDF
K M Chu, M Smith, E Steyn, P Goldberg, H Bougard, I Buccimazza
South Africans’ understanding of and response to the COVID-19 outbreak: An online survey PDF
S P Reddy, R Sewpaul, M Mabaso, S Parker, I Naidoo, S Jooste, T Mokhele, S Sifunda, K Zuma