Online First: COVID-19 in South Africa

Table of Contents

From the Editor

COVID-19, Ebola virus disease and the community PDF
B Farham


South Africa should be using all the COVID-19 vaccines available to it – urgently PDF
W D F Venter, S A Madhi, J Nel, M Mendelson, A van den Heever, M Moshabela
Dial down the rhetoric over COVID-19 vaccines PDF
B D Schoub


COVID-19 vaccines – less obfuscation, more transparency and action PDF
W D F Venter, S A Madhi, J Nel, M Mendelson, A van den Heever, M Moshabela

In Practice

Viruses, variants and vaccines PDF
D A Cowan, S G Burton, E P Rybicki, A-L Wiliamson, R A Dorrington, M S Pepper
A collaborative and evolving response to the needs of frontline workers, patients and families during the COVID-19 pandemic at Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape Province, South Africa PDF
E Bröcker, K A Louw, M Hewett, H Burger, R Felix, P De Koker, J Rossouw, S Seedat
Hard choices: Ethical challenges in phase 1 of COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in South Africa PDF
K Moodley, M Blockman, D Pienaar, A J Hawkridge, J Meintjes, M-A Davies, L London
Could human challenge studies for COVID-19 vaccines be justified in South Africa? PDF
K Moodley, E Maasdorp, S Rennie
What did we learn from South Africa’s first-ever tuberculosis prevalence survey? PDF
Y Pillay, L Mvusi, L D Mametja, S Dlamini
Corticosteroids in critical COVID-19: Are all corticosteroids equal? PDF
E M du Plessis, U Lalla, B W Allwood, E H Louw, A Nortje, A Parker, J J Taljaard, B T Ayele, P S Nyasulu, C F N Koegelenberg
Considerations for COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy PDF
J Zamparini, L Murray, R T Saggers, A J Wise, H Lombaard


Establishing a South African national framework for COVID-19 surgical prioritisation PDF
K M Chu, E O Owolabi, M Smith, T C Hardcastle, S Maswime, H Geduld, P D Gopalan, J Marco, M Mendelson, B M Biccard, L Cairncross, on behalf of the South African National Surgical Obstetric Anaesthesia Plan Task Team
Bacterial infection, antibiotic use and COVID-19: Lessons from the intensive care unit PDF
M S Moolla, K Reddy, I Fwemba, P S Nyasulu, J J Taljaard, A Parker, E H Louw, A Nortje, M A Parker, U Lalla, C F N Koegelenberg, B W Allwood


An imperative to offer pregnant and lactating women access to the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out programme PDF
J Moodley, N C Ngene, O P Khaliq, M Hunter