Online First (June): COVID-19 in South Africa

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

South Africa’s coronavirus testing strategy is broken and not fit for purpose: It’s time for a change PDF
M Mendelson, S Madhi

From the Editor

Jedd Hart, Lara Nicole Goldstein, Bridget Farham 484-490
Predictors of 1-year survival in South African TAVI candidates PDF
Jacques Jurgens Jacobus Liebenberg, Anton Doubell, Jacques Van Wyk, Martin Kidd, Tom Mabin, Hellmuth Weich, Bridget Farham 491-496
Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of women with heroin dependence in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF
Nirvana Morgan, William Daniels, Ugasvaree Subramaney, Bridget Farham 540-545
Robin Terence Saggers, Daynia Elizabeth Ballot, Andrew Grieve, Bridget Farham 497-501
Lessons learnt during the national introduction of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programmes in six African countries: stakeholders’ perspectives PDF
Leila Hussein Abdullahi, Gregory D Hussey, Charles S Wiysonge, Benjamin M Kagina, Bridget Farham 525-531
Prevalence of Hookah Pipe smoking in high school learners, Johannesburg South Africa PDF
Nisha Naicker, June Teare, Patricia Albers, Angela Mathee, Bridget Farham 546-551
Viewership footprint for a low-resource, student-centred collaborative video platform to teach Orthopaedics in Southern Africa PDF
Stefan Wever, Iain Elliott, Jeannie McCaul, Maritz Laubscher, Robert N. Dunn, Michael Held, Bridget Farham 532-536
Documented higher burden of advanced and very advanced HIV disease amongst patients, especially men, accessing health care in a rapidly growing economic and industrial hub in South Africa: a call to action PDF
Deborah Kim Glencross, Naseem Cassim, Lindi-Marie Coetzee, Bridget Farham 505-513
Title:  Thirty day readmission rate: a predictor of initial surgical severity or quality of surgical care? A regional hospital analysis. PDF
Pieter Snyders, Oostewalt Swart, Riaan Duvenage, Bridget Farham 537-539
A Retrospective Cohort Study comparing Pregnancy Outcomes and Neonatal Characteristics between HIV infected and HIV non-infected mothers PDF
Gareth Goldman, Samantha Budhram, Bridget Farham 502-504
Prevalence and outcome of delirium amongst acute general medical in-patients in Cape Town, South Africa PDF
Niel du Plooy, Kathryn Manning, Cascia Day, Faried Abdullah, Katharine James, Laurian Grace, Nadia Vorajee, Caryn April, Jonny Peter, Peter Raubenheimer, Bridget Farham 519-524
Ever and repeat HIV-testing rates among male and female clients: Findings from a reproductive health services integration project in South Africa PDF
Cecilia Milford, Mags E. Beksinska, Zonke Mabude, Jennifer A. Smit, Bridget Farham 514-518
Assessment of sputum cultures for the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections in the outpatient setting PDF
Raphael Chanda, Christoffel Opperman, Bridget Farham 437
Obituary: Mr Araj Hanooman PDF
Yuben Moodley, Bridget Farham 438
Bridget Farham
Contents PDF
Emma Buchanan 427-428


Closed positive end-expiratory pressure system: Pre-oxygenation and ventilatory support in COVID-19 PDF
I D'Andrea, P Naidoo, E Schoeman, C Kotze
COVID-19 restrictions and increased risk of overdose for street-based people with opioid dependence in South Africa PDF
M-J Stowe, A Scheibe, S Shelly, M Marks
The utility of high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in the management of respiratory failure secondary to COVID-19 pneumonia PDF
U Lalla, B W Allwood, E H Louw, A Nortje, A Parker, J J Taljaard, D Moodley, C F N Koegelenberg
COVID-19 infection in Italy: An occupational injury PDF
F Chirico, N Magnavita
Prognosticating COVID-19: A need for Africa-specific laboratory predictors PDF
G Omuse, J Maranga, A Abdillah, D Maina


The implications of COVID-19 for the children of Africa PDF
F Mustafa, R Green
COVID-19: Science and global health governance under attack PDF
J A Singh
Building trust during COVID 19: Value-driven and ethical priority-setting PDF
A Mosam, S Goldstein, A Erzse, A Tugendhaft, K Hofman
Remdesivir and COVID-19: What are the implications for Africa? PDF
R J Green, F Mustafa, N Sewlall, G A Richards
How South Africa’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 can be optimised PDF
J A Singh

In Practice

Criminalisation of transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A potential challenge to controlling the outbreak in South Africa PDF
S Abdool Karim
COVID-19 and quarantine orders: A practical approach PDF
W M Botes, D W Thaldar
Leadership and early strategic response to the SARS-CoV- 2 pandemic at a COVID-19 designated hospital in South Africa PDF
A Parker, S Karamchand, N Schrueder, S Lahri, H Rabie, A Aucamp, R Abrahams, P Ciapparelli, D S Erasmus, M F Cotton, U Lalla, R Leisegang, J Meintjes, R Mistry, M R Moosa, A Mowlana, C F N Koegelenberg, H Prozesky, W Smith, M van Schalkwyk, J J Taljaard
Isolation and quarantine in South Africa during COVID-19: Draconian measures or proportional response? PDF
K Moodley, A E Obasa, L London
COVID-19: Mandatory institutional isolation v. voluntary home self-isolation PDF
J A Singh
COVID-19 and patient-doctor confidentiality PDF
D J McQuoid-Mason
Quarantine alone or in combination with other public health measures to control COVID-19: A rapid Cochrane review PDF
B Schmidt, E L Davids, T Malinga
Personal protective equipment (PPE) in a pandemic: Approaches to PPE preservation for South African healthcare facilities PDF
C le Roux, A Dramowski
HIV and SARS-CoV-2 co-infection: The diagnostic challenges of dual pandemics PDF
A Parker, J Shaw, S Karamchand, S Lahri, N Schrueder, M-Y Chothia, A Mowlana, U Lalla, B W Allwood, C F N Koegelenberg, J J Taljaard
Pandemics, professionalism and the duty of care: Concerns from the coalface PDF
A Dhai, M Veller, D Ballot, M Mokhachane


Transmission of respiratory viruses when using public ground transport: A rapid review to inform public health recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
J Zhen, C Chan, A Schoonees, E Apatu, L Thabane, T Young