Vol 97, No 11 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Why integrative medicine? PDF
JP van Niekerk 1009

Editor's choice

Editors choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 1013


First do no harm PDF
Neil Andrew Cameron 1014
Quantifying ARV Risk in Pregnancy PDF
Theresa Marie Rossouw 1014
Retained swab at Frere Hospital PDF
Damian Luiz Clarke 1016
Service, training and research in Infertility in Public Hospitals in South Africa PDF
Jayati Kusari Basu 1018


Rural doctors consider legal action PDF
XDR TB – humane confinement ‘a priority’ PDF
Slim pickings as 2008 health staff crisis looms PDF


Public Health in Africa: The Role of National Public Health Institutes PDF
Barry David Schoub 1036
Mechanical bowel preparation in Gynaecological surgery: are we doing more harm than good? PDF
Matthys Hendrik Botha 1040
Darwinian medicine: an evolutionary perspective on health and disease PDF
Muhammad Aadil Spocter, Goran Štrkalj 1044
A case of misdiagnosed bacillary angiomatosis PDF
Jonathan Sheldon 1050


Basil Edge PDF
Walter Loening 1052
MA de Kock PDF
Andries J Brink 1052
Corretha van Heerden PDF
cornelius johannes schoeman 1054


Getting the facts of death right PDF
Pam Groenewald, Desiree Pieterse 1056
Influences on the choice of health professionals to practice in rural areas PDF
Helmuth Reuter, Ian Couper 1060

Scientific letters

Physical activity in rural South Africa: are current surveillance instruments yielding valid results? PDF
Ian Cook 1064
Pica and food craving in adults with iron deficiency in Bloemfontein, South Africa PDF
Vernon Johan Louw, Phillip Du Preez, Asha Malan, Louis Van Deventer, Deidré Van Wyk, Gina Joubert 1069
Neglect in the care of advanced maternal age pregnant South African women PDF
S Watchham, S Schon, Arnold Christianson 1072

Original articles

Executive cognitive impairment detected by simple bedside testing is associated with poor glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes PDF
Hayley de Wet, Naomi Levitt, Brent Tipping 1074
Death Notification Form Errors PDF
Elsie Helena Burger, Lize Van der Merwe, Jimmy Volmink 1077
Influences on the choice of health professionals to practice in rural areas PDF
Ian Couper, Jannie Hugo, Hoffie Conradie, Khaya Mfenyana 1082
Success of a scholarship scheme for rural students PDF
Andrew J Ross 1087


Heart 2 heart Africa 2007 22 - 25 November, Sun City PDF

Festschrift: Professor Hendrik Johannes Koornhof

Barry David Schoub 1113
Microbes, Molecules, Maladies and Man PDF
Adriano G Duse 1115
Determinants of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in South Africa PDF
Karin Weyer, Jonathan Levin, Johanna Lancaster, Jeannette Brand, Martha Van der Walt 1120
Risk factors for antibiotic resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae PDF
Keith Paul Klugman 1129
Clinical significance of antimicrobial resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae PDF
Michael R. Jacobs 1133
A Pivotal Role for Pneumolysin in the Immunopathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of Pneumococcal Disease PDF
Charles Feldman, Ronald Anderson 1141
Antibiotic resistant gonococci: past, present and future PDF
David Arthur Lewis 1146
The Influence of Concomitant HIV Infection on the Serological Diagnosis of Primary Syphilis in Southern Africa PDF
Ronald Ballard, Hendrik Koornhof, C-Y Chen, F Radebe, H Fehler, Ye Htun 1151
Changes in the Patterns of Sexually Transmitted Infection among South African Mineworkers Associated with the Emergence of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic PDF
Htun Ye, F Radebe, HG Fehler, RC Ballard 1155
Arderne Forder 1161
The Anaemia of Infection PDF
jack metz 1165
The end of cell culture in diagnostics: is molecular diagnosis the Harry Potter or the Lord Voldermort of clinical virology as a speciality? PDF
William F Carman, Hubert GM Niesters 1169
Eradication of Disease: The Case Study of Polio PDF
Barry David Schoub 1177
The Rise and Rise of Enteropathogenic E. coli PDF
Roy Robins-Browne 1182
The changing pattern of pathology in black South Africans PDF
Charles Isaacson 1187
Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis. An Immunological Mystery PDF
Arthur Ronald Rabson 1190
Malaria control in South Africa - challenges and successes PDF
Lucille Blumberg, John Frean 1193
Tick bite fever and Q fever: South African perspective PDF
John Frean, Lucille Blumberg 1198
Doing HIV Medicine in Southern Africa. What does the Epidemic Teach Us? PDF
David Colin Spencer 1203
The impact of HIV/AIDS on blood transfusion practice in South Africa: PDF
Trefor Jenkins 1206
Role of Microbial Risk Assessment in Food Safety PDF
Marianne Despina Miliotis 1211
Development of e-Juba, a preliminary proof of concept UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) designed to facilitate the transportation of microbiological test samples from remote rural clinics to NHLS laboratories. PDF
Barry Mendelow, Peter Muir, Turcia Boshielo, John Robertson 1215