Vol 107, No 4 (2017)

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From the Editor

Cry, the beloved country ... PDF
B Farham 277

Guest Editorial

Evidence-based decision-making for primary care: The interpretation and role of pragmatic trials PDF
L R Fairall, O Mahomed, E D Bateman 278-279


Death by maladministration: An important category of patient mortality PDF
D J Stein, C Chambers, I Daniels, B Patel, C Sunkel, J White, Z Wilson, C Lund 280
Targeting mothers and selling men what they do not want: A response to ‘Missed opportunities for circumcision of boys’ PDF
D Sidler, B D Earp, A A van Niekerk, K Moodley, S Kling 281
What is the nature of a conflict of interest in a scientific publication? PDF
L London 282-283


30 days in medicine PDF


Denise Anne Campbell White PDF
J Seggie 286
Oliver Raynham PDF
G Copley 287

Continuing Medical Education

Prevention of childhood injuries (part 2) PDF
A B van As, A van Niekerk 288
Energy poverty, shack fires and childhood burns PDF
D K Kimemia, A van Niekerk 289-291
Promote buckling up and save a child’s life PDF
Y Ferreira, A B van As 292-294

In Practice

Tuberous sclerosis complex in the Western Cape, South Africa: The clinical presentation features PDF
E Kija, B Schlegel, P Samia, M Wessels, J M Wilmshurst 295-298
Systemic lupus erythematosus: A possible cause of non-alcoholic Wernicke’s encephalopathy PDF
M T L Nyo, D Magazi, M M T M Ally 299-301
Lead poisoning in shooting-range workers in Gauteng Province, South Africa: Two case studies PDF
A Mathee, P de Jager, S Naidoo, N Naicker 302-303
Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma: A rare salivary gland tumour PDF
B S Jackson, T L Pratt, A van Rooyen 304-306


Contraception coverage and methods used among women in South Africa: A national household survey PDF
M F Chersich, N Wabiri, K Risher, O Shisana, D Celentano, T Rehle, M Evans, H Rees 307-314
Wound infection secondary to snakebite PDF
M Wagener, M Naidoo, C Aldous 315-319
Pulmonary scar carcinoma in South Africa PDF
N Jenkins, E M Irusen, C F N Koegelenberg 320-322
Hip and knee arthroplasty waiting list – how accurate and fair? PDF
T Kavalieratos, M Nortje, R N Dunn 323-326
The benefit of pharmacological venous thromboprophylaxis in foot and ankle surgery PDF
N P Saragas, P N F Ferrao, B F Jacobson, E Saragas, A Strydom 327-330
Available data sources for monitoring non-communicable diseases and their risk factors in South Africa PDF
M Wandai, J Aagaard-Hansen, C Day, B Sartorius, K J Hofman 331-337
Perceptions of healthcare professionals regarding their own body weight in selected public hospitals in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa PDF
M C Phetla, L Skaal 338-341
Cross-sectional evaluation of the Bronchitis Severity Score in Egyptian children: A move to reduce antibiotics PDF
E M I Moawad, M A E Haron, R M A Maher, E A A Abdallah, H Hussein, N M Badawy, M E A El-Rheem 342-345
Prevalence of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency viruses, and evaluation of risk factors for transmission: Report of a population screening in Nigeria PDF
U C Okonkwo, H Okpara, A Otu, S Ameh, Y Ogarekpe, H Osim, M Inyama 346-351
Problematic alcohol and other substance use among patients presenting to emergency services in South Africa: Who is ready for change? PDF
K Sorsdahl, D J Stein, T Naledi, E Breuer, B Myers 352-353


March 2017 CPD question 13 PDF
C Naidu 354


CPD questionnaire PDF