Vol 106, No 11 (2016)

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From the Editor

The doors of learning ... PDF
Bridget Farham 1058


Preliminary results of allograft use from the South African skin bank PDF
H Rode, R Martinez, A D Rogers, R Moore, N L Allorto 1059
We need more prospective studies for Kounis syndrome PDF
I Akbas, M Emet 1060
The dilemma of age estimation of children and juveniles in South Africa PDF
M Tiemensma, V M Phillips 1061
First report of Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica bacteraemia in South Africa PDF
R Hoffman, F Fortuin, M Newton-Foot, S Singh 1062


Counting the public healthcare litigation bill PDF
New findings say ‘never take a TB cure for granted’ PDF
A fond and grateful farewell PDF

Continuing Medical Education

The epidemic of sexual violence in South Africa PDF
K Joyner 1067
Understanding the intergenerational transmission of violence PDF
N Woollett, K Thomson 1068-1070
Current approaches to the management of adult survivors of sexual offences PDF
M Tiemensma 1071-1074
Physical and sexual violence against children PDF
A B van As 1075-1078

In Practice

Health system challenges: An obstacle to the success of isoniazid preventive therapy PDF
E I Okoli, L Roets 1079-1081
Addressing tobacco smoking in South Africa: Insights from behavioural science PDF
G Ganz 1082-1083
A report of three patients in whom the surgical closure of terminal branches of the external carotid arteries for treatment of migraine resulted in significantly reduced frequency of epileptic attacks PDF
E I Shevel 1084-1085
Polyarteritis nodosa presenting as a bladder outlet obstruction PDF
M Borkum, H Y Abdelrahman, R Roberts, A A Kalla, I G Okpechi 1086-1087
Successful removal of a penile constriction wedding ring in a rural area PDF
A Fhima, N Lahouel 1088-1089
Atypical chest pain: Needles in a haystack PDF
J M Jansen van Vuuren, S Pillay, K Ramchandre 1090-1091


Is South Africa advancing towards National Health Insurance? The perspectives of general practitioners in one pilot site PDF
R Surender, R van Niekerk, L Alfers 1092-1095
Medical waste disposal at a hospital in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa: Implications for training of healthcare professionals PDF
R R Makhura, S F Matlala, M P Kekana 1096-1102
A cross-sectional study of peripartum blood transfusion in the Eastern Cape, South Africa PDF
K van den Berg, E M Bloch, A S Aku, M Mabenge, D V Creel, G J Hofmeyr, E L Murphy 1103-1109
Barriers to obstetric care among maternal near-misses PDF
P Soma-Pillay, R C Pattinson 1110-1113
A review of the peri-operative management of paediatric burns: Identifying adverse events PDF
H Rode, C Brink, K Bester, M P Coleman, T Baisey, R Martinez 1114-1119
The hospital costs associated with acute paediatric burn injuries PDF
E W ter Meulen, M J Poley, M van Dijk, A D Rogers, H Rode 1120-1124
The state of methamphetamine (‘tik’) use among youth in the Western Cape, South Africa PDF
E H Weybright, L L Caldwell, L Wegner, E Smith, J J Jacobs 1125-1128
Intimate partner violence at a tertiary institution PDF
K Spencer, M Haffejee, G Candy, E Kaseke 1129-1133
Tonsillectomy rates in the South African private healthcare sector PDF
P Douglas-Jones, J J Fagan 1134-1140
Elevated international normalised ratios correlate with severity of injury and outcome PDF
M A Noorbhai, H M Cassimjee, B Sartorius, D J J Muckart 1141-1145


CPD questionnaire PDF