Vol 97, No 6 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Who determines culture? PDF
Nonhlanhla P Khumalo 385

Editor's choice

Editors Choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 387


Generic substitution in allergic rhinitis PDF
Sharon Kling 388
Plea for privacy PDF
J P Driver-Jowitt 388
Collapsing focal segmental glomeruloscerosis as a possible complication of valproic acid PDF
Clement Ackoundou-N'guessan, Bernard Canaud, Helene Leray-Moragues, Dominique Droz, Pierre Baldet, Michael Pages 388
Mosvold Hospital ARV programme PDF
Jane Fleet 390
Health and social scientists need to weigh in PDF
Nina S Lewin, Shane A Norris, Linda M Richter 392
Surprise 'social status' findings in rape study PDF
J V Larsen, comment by Chris Bateman 392


Eastern Cape spurred into action PDF
'Opi-phobia' among doctors leads to unnecessary suffering PDF
Cape Town reaches best TB cure rate PDF
Doctors without borders set up office in SA PDF


When should antiretroviral treatment be started in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis in South Africa? PDF
Stephen D Lawn, Robin Wood 412
Routine testing for HIV - ethical and legal implications PDF
David McQuoid Mason 416
HIV/AIDS impact on health services - lessons learnt PDF
Tim Quinlan, Nina Veenstra 423
From Mahlangeni to Gumede - the second generation of black doctors in South Africa (1913-1930) PDF
Anne Digby 424
Mixed Bag PDF
Bridget Farham 430-431

Book reviews

The WHO Manual of Diagnostic Imaging PDF
Richard Pitcher 431


Raymond (Bill) Hoffenberg PDF
Emeritus Professor Stuart J Saunders, Prof Ralph Kirsch 432


A clarion call for action based on refined DALY estimates for South Africa PDF
Debbie Bradshaw, Rosanna Norman, Michelle Schneider 438

Scientific letters

Teenage fertility rates falling in South Africa PDF
Tom A Moultrie, Nuala McGrath 442
Where have all the diabetics gone? PDF
W F Mollentze, J M M Koning 444

Original articles

Special Article: Prescribed minimum benefits - quagmire or foundation for social health reform? PDF
B Taylor, A Taylor, D Burns, J D Rust, P Grobler 446
Sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer - a modified audit for surgeons in private practice PDF
Jenny Edge, Athar Nizami, Judith Whittaker, Robert Mansel 451
Haematogenous pyogenic bone and joint sepsis - reducing avoidable morbidity PDF
T Nunn, P Rollinson 456
Knowledge and expectations of labour among primigravid women in the public health sector PDF
F Ibach, R A Dyer, S Fawcus, S J Dyer 461


Licensing of medical practitioners to use X-ray equipment PDF
Director: Radiation Control Department of Health 441