Vol 97, No 5 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Applause for HIV/AIDS plan PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 305

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P de V van Niekerk 307


SAMA Benevolent Fund survival threatened PDF
Milton Raff 308
Medical aid interference PDF
Percy Miller 308
Billing guidelines from HPCSA needed PDF
P W L Groenveld 310
Controlled trials - thinking the unthinkable? PDF
F N Sanders 310
Academic health sectors fail in HIV response PDF
Chris Kenyon 310
Woud healing with honey - a randomised controlled trial PDF
J Karpelowsky, H Rode, M Allsopp 314
Honey - the wonder of 'liquid gold' PDF
A Ahmed 316


XDR-TB or not XDR-TB? That is the question PDF
No quotas please, we're South Africans! PDF
E Cape swine fever ups KwaZulu-Natal human rabies risk PDF
Denosa 'barking up the wrong tree' - Worrall-Clare PDF


Disclosing the health status of public figures: Privacy versus public interest - when may doctors make disclosures? PDF
David McQuoid Mason 334
Male circumsion - the new hope? PDF
A Myers, J Myers 338
Meningioma presenting as an oropharyngeal mass - an unusual presentation PDF
G Dekker, H B Louw, M Pienaar, K Naidu, S T Hlongwane, S Andronikou 342
Trichobezoar causing small-bowel obstruction PDF
Abdulzahra A Hussein, Emad Geddoa, Muder Abood, Mohammed Taha Alazzawy 343
On the notable MD thesis of William Anderson Soga, first black doctor in South Africa PDF
Anne Digby 345
Mixed Bag PDF
E M Sandler 347
Book Reviews PDF
Steve Beningfield 348


Marthinus Jacobus van der Walt (25/02/1923-13/09/2006) PDF
A G Visser 350
Cope Khan Khai (19/02/1953-30/11/2006) PDF
Dr IV de Jager, and the Medical Colleagues of the Eye Unit 350


Challenges faced by South African health services in implementing the Mental Health Care Act PDF
C Lund, J Stein, A J Flisher, S Mehtar 352

Scientific letters

Steady growth in antiretroviral treatment provision by disease management and community treatment programmes PDF
Leigh F Johnson, Heather D McLeod 358
Clinical lessons from an elderly man with amiodarone-induced interstitial lung disease PDF
Brian Rayner 360

Original articles

HIV-associated maternal mortality - primary causes of death at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban PDF
M R Ramogale, J Moodley, M H Sebitloane 363
Is diagnostic tonsillectomy indicated in all children with asymmetrically enlarged tonsils? PDF
Anton C van Lierop, C A J Prescott, Johannes J Fagan, Colin C Sinclair Smith 367
Traditional male circumcision in the Eastern Cape - scourge or blessing? PDF
Ortrun Meissner, David L Buso 371
Sluggish glucose tolerance in tuberculosis patients PDF
Luis Bell, Vishnu Bhat, Grace George, Abolade Ajani Awotedu, Bomkazi Gqaza 374


South African Menopause Society Council Revised Consensus Position Statement on Menopausal Hormone Therapy PDF
T J de Villiers, J S Bagratee, J P Dalmeyer, M R Davey, C P Davis, F Guidozzi, T Kopenhager, O C Shimange, E W W Sonnendecker, J van Waart 354