Vol 105, No 7 (2015)

Vol 105 - 7 - 2015

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Guest Editorial

Anger and Afrophobia in South Africa: What is a health practitioner to do? PDF
Wahbie Long, Bonga Chiliza, Dan J Stein 510

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
Janet Seggie 511-512


Encephalopathy caused by thiamine deficiency PDF
Kathleen Bateman 513
Legal assisted suicide in South Africa PDF
Jonathan Victor Larsen 513-514
New horizons for the repair of skin defects PDF
Heinz Rode 514-515
Trends in lead exposure in a rural mining town in South Africa, 1991 - 2008 PDF
Nisha Naicker, Angela Mathee 515
William Guybon Atherstone: His 8-day and 1 600 km house call to Oudtshoorn in 1890 PDF
Stephen A Craven 516


Tugela Ferry’s extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis – 10 years on PDF
Noakes’s adversaries get him in the ‘dock’ PDF
South Africans inured to death PDF


Harry Stein, 1925 - 2014 PDF
Ashraf Hassen Coovadia, Stephen Tollman 524


The bronchiolitis season is upon us – recommendations for the management and prevention of acute viral bronchiolitis PDF
Heather J Zar, Debbie A White, Brenda Morrow, Charles Feldman, Sam Risenga, Refiloe Masekela, Humphrey Lewis, Prakash Jeena, Shabir A Madhi 525-526
Doctor-assisted suicide: What is the present legal position in South Africa? PDF
David J McQuoid-Mason 526-527
The importance of identified cause-of-death information being available for public health surveillance, actions and research PDF
Pam Groenewald, Virginia Azevedo, Johann Daniels, Juliet Evans, Andrew Boulle, Tracey Naledi, Debbie Bradshaw 528-530
Social franchising primary healthcare clinics – a model for South African National Health Insurance? PDF
Andrew Ken Lacey Robinson 531-534
The state of South African internships: A national survey against HPCSA guidelines PDF
Sumrit Bola, Eudiet Trollip, Fran Parkinson 535-539
A South African family with oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy: Clinical and molecular genetic characteristics PDF
Clara Maria Schutte, Cecelia M Dorfling, Riaan van Coller, Engela M Honey, Elizabeth Jansen van Rensburg 540-543


Understanding the genetic diversity of South Africa’s peoples PDF
Amanda Krause 544-545
Genomics in medicine: From promise to practice PDF
Michael F Urban 545-547
The Cochrane Corner in the SAMJ: Summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews for evidence-informed practice PDF
Tamara Kredo, Taryn Young, Charles S Wiysonge, Michael McCaul, James Volmink 548


Impact of fibrinolytics on the outcome of empyema in South African children PDF
Marco Zampoli, Alexia Kappos, Charl Verwey, Rendani Mamathuba, Heather J Zar 549-553
The impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy on the burden of bacterial lower respiratory tract infections in children. PDF
K R de Campos, D D Granga, S Olorunju, R Masekela 554-557
Identification of a mutation in the ubiquitin-fold modifier 1-specific peptidase 2 gene, UFSP2, in an extended South African family with Beukes hip dysplasia PDF
Christopher Mark Watson, Laura A Crinnion, Lindsay Gleghorn, William G Newman, Rajkumar Ramesar, Peter Beighton, Gillian A Wallis 558-563
Impact of an educational intervention and clinical performance dashboard on neonatal bloodstream infections PDF
Moegammad Shukri Raban, Colleen Bamford, Yaseen Joolay, Michael C Harrison 564-566
Prevalence of Blomia tropicalis allergy in two regions of South Africa PDF
A C Jeevarathnum, A van Niekerk, R Green, P Becker, R Masekela 567-569
Nodular thyroid disease and thyroid malignancy: Experience at Polokwane Mankweng Hospital Complex, Limpopo Province, South Africa PDF
M M Z U Bhuiyan, A Machowski 570-572
Household fuel use and child respiratory ill health in two towns in Mpumalanga, South Africa PDF
Patricia Nicole Albers, Caradee Y Wright, Kuku V V Voyi, Angela Mathee 573-577
Maternal near miss and maternal death in the Pretoria Academic Complex, South Africa: A population-based study PDF
Priya Soma-Pillay, Robert C Pattinson, Lerato Langa-Mlambo, Bongani S S Nkosi, Angus Peter MacDonald 578-563
Intracranial suppuration: Review of an 8-year experience at Umtata General Hospital and Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Eastern Cape, South Africa PDF
M A Anwary 584-588
Observed full blood count and lymphocyte subset values in a cohort of clinically healthy South African children from a semi-informal settlement in Cape Town PDF
Denise Lawrie, Helen Payne, Martin Nieuwoudt, Deborah Kim Glencross 589-595
Evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of the HemoCue device for detecting anaemia in healthy school- aged children in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
T P Gwetu, M K Chhagan 596-599
Use of EMLA cream as a topical anaesthetic before venepuncture procedures in field surveys: A practice that helps children, parents and health professionals PDF
T P Gwetu, M K Chhagan 600-602

Continuing Medical Education

Nutrition in toddlers PDF
R J Green 603
Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in Africa and the Middle East, despite year-round sunny days PDF
R J Green, G Samy, M S Miqdady, M El-Hodhod, O O Akinyinka, G Saleh, J Haddad, S A Alsaedi, A Y Mersal, A Edris, M Salah 603-605
Management of severe acute malnutrition PDF
J Cloete 605
Nutrition in children with long-term health conditions PDF
A Westwood 606
Nutritional support of children with chronic liver disease PDF
E D Nel, A J Terblanche 607
Iron deficiency in children PDF
R Thejpal 607


CPD questionnaire PDF