Vol 102, No 10 (2012)

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From the Editor

The self-destructing private sector is no less a blot on our health system than the crumbling public health system PDF HTML
Daniel J Ncayiyana 772

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 773


SAMJ gets new Editor-in-Chief PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 774
Some South African universities provide good specialist otorhinolaryngology training PDF HTML
James Loock 774
Thieves of the state - a response PDF HTML
Robert Ian Caldwell 774-775
Intimate partner violence PDF HTML
E M Mankazana 775


Private healthcare ‘lost line in the sand’ — Zokufa PDF HTML
Most SA sunblock products ‘can’t take the heat’, tests show PDF HTML
ANC ‘lost the plot’ on healthcare policy — union leader PDF HTML
Mandatory cover? ‘Yes, but not now’ — Zokufa PDF HTML


Kalvyn Schoeman van Eeden PDF HTML
Christian Martin Kruger 782
Abraham Leib (Lampy) Maresky PDF HTML
Maurice V Silbert 782-783

Book reviews

Plague, Pox and Pandemics: A Jacana Pocket History of Epidemics in South Africa by Howard Phillips EAN: 9781431403851 PDF HTML
William Pick 783


Poor maternal outcomes: A factor of poor professional systems design PDF HTML
M G Schoon, M W A Motlolometsi 784-786
Addressing poor maternal and fetal outcomes PDF HTML
D L Woods, G B Theron 786
Unforeseen ethical/legal complications with screening tests in the capitation model of medical aid schemes PDF HTML
Rita-Marie Jansen, Chris Gouws, Teuns Verschoor 787-789
Blood-brain barrier integrity in a zolpidem-responder patient PDF HTML
N E Nyakale, R P Clauss, H W Nel, M M Sathekge 790-791


Sexuality, disability and human rights: Strengthening healthcare for disabled people PDF HTML
Sumaya Mall, Leslie Swartz 792-793


Introducing a national health insurance system in South Africa: A general practitioner’s bottom-up approach to costing PDF HTML
Shabir Moosa, John M Luiz, Teresa Carmichael 794-797
Challenges with using estimates when calculating ART need among adults in South Africa PDF HTML
Annette A M Gerritsen, Janine S Mitchell, Suzanne M Johnson, Wim Delva 798-799
Reasons why patients with primary health care problems access a secondary hospital emergency centre PDF HTML
Juanita Becker, Angela Dell, Louis Jenkins, Rauf Sayed 800-801
Tuberculosis in an inflammatory bowel disease cohort from South Africa PDF HTML
E Deetlefs, D Epstein, G A Watermeyer, R M Seggie, S R Thomson 802-804
Implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF for routine point-of-care diagnosis of tuberculosis at the primary care level PDF HTML
Kate Clouse, Liesl Page-Shipp, Heather Dansey, Bridgette Moatlhodi, Lesley Scott, Jean Bassett, Wendy Stevens, Ian Sanne, Annelies Van Rie 805-807
Determinants of mortality in Nigerian children with severe anaemia PDF HTML
Samuel Adegoke, Adenike Ayansanwo, Isaac Oluwayemi, John Okeniyi 807-810


CPD questionnaire PDF