Vol 102, No 7 (2012)

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From the Editor

Alcohol and South Africa's Youth PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 587

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 588


Misconceptions in interpretation of antimicrobial resistance data PDF HTML
Colleen Bamford 589-590
The vexed question of race-based admission to medical school PDF HTML
E M Mankazana 590


Pretoria intervention saves E Cape health corruption-buster PDF
System burning out our doctors – study PDF
Discovery to tighten disclosure protocol on new device PDF
SA men - time for introspection/renewed action? PDF


The spread of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in South Africa: Risk factors for acquisition and prevention PDF HTML
Adrian Brink, Jennifer Coetzee, Cornelis Clay, Craig Corcoran, Johan van Greune, J D Deetlefs, Louise Nutt, Charles Feldman, Guy Richards, Patrice Nordmann, Laurent Poirel 599-601
A total ban on alcohol advertising: Presenting the public health case PDF HTML
Charles Parry, Nadine Harker Burnhams, Leslie London 602-604
Horses for courses PDF HTML
Robert-Ian Caldwell 604
The South African paediatric tumour registry - 25 years of activity PDF HTML
Daniela C Stefan, David K Stones 605-606


Wake up South Africa! The antibiotic 'horse' has bolted PDF HTML
Marc Mendelson, Andrew Whitelaw, Mark Nicol, Adrian Brink 607-608


Trends in alcohol prevalence, age of initiation and association with alcohol-related harm among South African youth: Implications for policy PDF HTML
Leane Ramsoomar, Neo K Morojele 609-612
Antibiotic prescription practices and their relationship to outcome in South Africa: Findings of the prevalence of infection in South African intensive care units (PISA) study PDF HTML
Fathima Paruk, Guy Richards, Juan Scribante, Sats Bhagwanjee, Mervyn Mer, Helen Perrie 613-616
The relationship between trough concentration of vancomycin and effect on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in critically ill patients PDF HTML
J Y Cheong, M Makmor-Bakry, C L Lau, R Abdul Rahman 616-619
Clinical neonatal rotavirus infection: Association with necrotising enterocolitis PDF HTML
François P R de Villiers, Marie Driessen 620-624
Lightning medicine in South Africa PDF HTML
Ryan Blumenthal, Estelle Trengrove, Ian R Jandrell, Gert Saayman 625-626
GST polymorphisms and early-onset coronary artery disease in young South African Indians PDF HTML
Alisa Phulukdaree, Sajidah Khan, Devapregasan Moodley, Anil A Chuturgoon 627-630
Confirmation of the recurrent ACVR1 617G>A mutation in South Africans with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva PDF HTML
Collet Dandara, Chris Scott, Mike Urban, Karen Fieggen, Regan Arendse, Peter Beighton 631-633
The effectiveness of a hospital-based intervention for patients with substance-use problems in the Western Cape PDF HTML
Katherine Sorsdahl, Dan J Stein, Lize Weich, David Fourie, Bronwyn Myers 634-635


CPD Questionnaire PDF