Vol 101, No 8 (2011)

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  485, 487

From the Editor

Medunsa rebirth would do well to begin with a truth and reconciliation process PDF HTML
Daniel J Ncayiyana 489

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 491


Stroke and atrial fibrillation PDF HTML
I W P Obel, replies by L de Villiers and R W Walker 492
Changes to parental consent procedures in South Africa - implications for school-based adolescent sexual health research PDF HTML
Amanda J Mason-Jones, Melanie Zuch, Cathy Mathews, Lesley Henley 492, 494
Where have all the flowers gone? PDF HTML
Sergei V Jargin 494


Academics appeal to State; ‘help us train where the needs are’. PDF HTML
  496, 498, 500
Tygerberg Burns Chief wins global award PDF HTML
  500, 502
Motsoaledi declares war on disease-causing products PDF HTML
  503, 504
Mothers and babies - widening the HIV safety net PDF HTML


Revitalising professionalism PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 508-509
South Africa's cataract surgery rates – why are we not meeting our targets? PDF HTML
Karin Lecuona, Colin Cook 510-512
Breast cancer in antiquity PDF HTML
François Pieter Retief, Louise Cilliers 513-515


Phoebus Perdikis PDF HTML
Susan Parkes 516


South Africa needs more doctors and dentists PDF HTML
Nicholas Crisp 517-518
Lessons from the 2009 measles epidemic in South Africa PDF HTML
Barry D Schoub 519

Scientific letters

Overdose with HAART - are we managing these patients adequately? PDF HTML
Tarryn Gabler, Bradley Yudelowitz, Adam Mahomed 520-521
Operative surgery at the district hospital PDF HTML
Miranda Voss, Riaan Duvenage 521-522

Original articles

More doctors and dentists are needed in South Africa PDF HTML
B Strachan, T Zabow, Z van der Spuy 523-528
High prevalence of comorbidity and need for up-referral among inpatients at a district-level hospital with specialist tuberculosis services in South Africa – the need for specialist support PDF HTML
Helen van der Plas, Marc Mendelson 529-532
Evaluation of pain incidence and pain management in a South African paediatric trauma unit PDF HTML
Tessa Thiadens, Elleke Vervat, Rene Albertyn, Monique van Dijk, A B (Sebastian) van As 533-536
The effectiveness of the South African Triage Score (SATS) in a rural emergency department PDF HTML
K Rosedale, Z A Smith, H Davies, D Wood 537-540
Acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis epidemics and outbreaks of Paederus spp. keratoconjunctivitis (‘Nairobi red eyes’) and dermatitis PDF HTML
L Mbonile 541-543
Will the new Consumer Protection Act prevent harm to nutritional supplement users? PDF HTML
Gary Gabriels, Mike Lambert, Pete Smith, Donavon Hiss 543-545
Reference intervals for serum total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol in Batswana adults PDF HTML
Seako M Maphephu, Ishmael Kasvosve 546-547


CPD Questionnaire PDF HTML

The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership

GARP: Author Details PDF HTML
Emma Buchanan 550
The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) PDF HTML
Adriano G Duse 551
GARP: Executive summary PDF HTML
H Gelband, A G Duse 552-555
Part I. The Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership (GARP) PDF HTML
C Winters, H Gelband 556-557
Part II. GARP: Health and economic context PDF HTML
N Schellack, J C Meyer, A G S Gous, C Winters 558-561
Part III. GARP: Antibiotic supply chain and management in human health PDF HTML
S Y Essack, N Schellack, T Pople, L van der Merwe, F Suleman, J C Meyer, A G S Gous, D Benjamin 562-566
Part IV. GARP: Human infections and antibiotic resistance PDF HTML
P Crowther-Gibson, N Govender, D A Lewis, C Bamford, A Brink, A von Gottberg, K Klugman, M du Plessis, A Fali, B Harris, K Keddy, M Botha 567-578
Part V. GARP: Surveillance activities PDF HTML
C Bamford, A Brink, N Govender, D A Lewis, O Perovic, M Botha, B Harris, K H Keddy, H Gelband, A G Duse 579-582
Part VI. GARP: Antibiotic management and resistance in livestock production PDF HTML
M M Henton, H A Eagar, G E Swan, M van Vuuren 583-586
Part VII. GARP: Interventions PDF HTML
A Visser, D P Moore, A Whitelaw, W Lowman, G Kantor, A Hoosen, S Madhi, A Brink, D van den Bergh, L Devenish, P Moodley, T Apalata, A G Duse, H Gelband 587-595
Part VIII. Future directions for GARP PDF HTML
H Gelband, A G Duse 596