Vol 97, No 9 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Eating our academic seed corn PDF
JP de V van Niekerk 797

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF
JP de V Van Niekerk 799


Menopausal therapy and protection against coronary heart disease PDF
Naomi Rapeport, T J de Villiers 800
'Opi-phobia' among doctors leads to unnecessary suffering PDF
J V Larsen 802
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in sub-Saharan Africa PDF
C S Wiysonge, T Young, J Volmink 802
Why no autopsies on marathon deaths? PDF
Steve R Naidoo 804
Pre-analytical, analytical and post-analyticalconsiderations in glucose point-of-care testing PDF
Madelene Jacobsz, Marita Dednam 805
Hypertension:Holding onto your ACEs may be a good bet PDF
Dhamend Lutchman 805


Too late for tears as Manto smells victory? PDF
Employer / worker antagonism an HIV/AIDS 'breeding ground' PDF
SA's geneticists to access revolutionary technology PDF
Hospital standards - private expertise virtually unused PDF


Can the development of pain management units be justified in an emerging democracy? PDF
Eva Frohlich, Edward A Shipton 826-828
Palpation for fever PDF
A Clough 829-830
Obstructive jaundice and hydatid cysts mimicking choledochal cyst PDF
K Saczek, S W Moore, R de Villiers, M Blaszczyk 831-833
Madura foot PDF
M Arif, Z R Khan, I Moolla 834-835
Flying outreach clinics in the Northern Cape - a student perspective PDF
Wendy Brown 836


A R P Walker PDF
Ahmed A Wade 837
Mahomed Hoosen Hajee Ismail PDF
Professor Krishna Somers 837
Eric Lemmer PDF
Simon C Robson, Michael Voigt, Roy Zent, Tony Bass, Peter Meissner, Richard Hift, John Lawrenson, Del Kahn, Flip Bornman, Bongani Mayosi, Ralph Kirsch 838


Tortured exiles - an invisible population PDF
Craig Higson-Smith, Bro Flemming 840-841

Scientific letters

Language capabilities of Free State doctors PDF
C van Ramesdonk, M Nel, L A Hiemstra, J van Rooyen 842-843
Duplex appendicitis PDF
I Chamisa, S Nikolov, T Q Bam 843
Marfan syndrome in South Africa - a molecular genetic approach to diagnosis PDF
A Child, P Comeglio, G Arno, P Beighton 845-847

Original articles

The role of a palliative care inpatient unit in disease management of cancer and HIV patients PDF
C Jameson 849-852
Lost to follow-up - contributing factors and challenges in South African patients on antiretroviral therapy PDF
M Maskew, P McPhail, C Menezes, D Rubel 853-857
Evaluation of a rapid screening test for rifampicin resistance in re-treatment tuberculosis patients in the Eastern Cape PDF
H Albert, A P Trollip, T Seaman, C Abrahams, R J Mole, A Jordaan, T Victor, E Hoosain 858-863
Student Paper: Trauma unit emergency doctor airway management PDF
Timothy Craig Hardcastle, Thomas Goff 864-867


International Emergency Medicine Congress PDF