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Vol 97, No 9 (2007)

Eating our Academic seed corn
Public-private palliative care
Tortured exiles
Rapid test for rifampicin resistance
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Vol 97, No 8 (2007)

GPs part of ARV solution
Malignant melanoma - sun not a factor?
Burn stabilisation protocol
Dog bites in children
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Vol 97, No 7 (2007)

NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors - caution advised
The challenge of corneal transplantation
Should doctors charge doctors?
TB and HIV - a smear-negative algorithm
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Vol 97, No 6 (2007)

Early ART in patients with TB
A plea for 'opt out' testing for HIV
Falling teenage fertility rates
Reducing bone and joint sepsis morbidity
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Vol 97, No 5 (2007)

Public figures - disclosing health status
Menopausal hormone therapy revised
ARV treatment grows
Tonsillectomy for asymmetrical enlargement?
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Vol 97, No 4 (2007)

ACE inhibitor causes life-threatening angio-oedema
Early black South African doctors
The race for the first heart transplant
Peripheral arterial disease in rural blacks
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Vol 97, No 3 (2007)

Condom failure
Improving asthma outcomes
Aggressive management of spinal injuries
Restaurant revenues and smoking control
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Vol 97, No 2 (2007)

HIV - tickle in, torrent out
HIV and abnormal Pap smears
A tale of two clinics
Kenyan health finincing reform
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Vol 97, No 1 (2007)

Responsible use of scarce health care resources
Tyrannised by evidence?
Mesopotamian medicine
Beating malaria in Africa
Kwashiorkor - a dying disease?

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